312351148_457af472082I spotted O’Fallon’s Cherry Chocolate seasonal beer at Gomer’s in Westport the other day. I don’t know much about the brewery other than it is over by St. Louis. I think the only other O’Fallon I’ve had was their Smoke beer, and I just am finding out that I’m not the hugest smoked beer fan as none of them seem to hit me just right.

Anyway, this was more of a purchase for my girlfriend than myself, but I don’t mind a fruity, flavored beer from time to time. In my mind I was thinking this beer was probably going to be a stout made from chocolate malts and with some tart cherry in it, along the lines of Bell’s excellent Cherry Stout, a beer I enjoy very much on the few occasions I get to have it.

To my dismay, the O’Fallon’s Cherry Chocolate is definitely not a stout and definitely not in the league with Bell’s beer. It is a wheat beer with chocolate and cherry extracts dumped in to give it a very synthetic flavor. I can drink it, but it’s not something I really want nor will I ever buy it again. Thankfully my girlfriend really likes it, so the money was not wasted on it, but I would steer clear of this beer if I were you! If you’re in the mood for a cherry beer, go with cherry Lambic, Bell’s Cherry Stout, or something like Three Philosophers from Ommegang, all of which are top notch and wonderful beers.