678-20793Major Tom’s Pomegranate Wheat is another offering in the Fort Collins Brewery Brewer’s Lunchbox sampler and a regular in the FCB lineup of beers. Major Tom’s is a filtered wheat beer with pomegranate juice concentrate added.

I must admit, I don’t know what a pomegranate tastes like and, unlike most people, I haven’t jumped on the pomegranate drink kick that is sweeping the nation. That said, there is a fruity undertone in this beer, but it seems to be more in the aftertaste for me, quite far back in the aftertaste, actually, than the usual in-yer-face fruit tone that a lot of fruit beers take. I do have a bit of a stuffed up nose tonight, though, so that could be part of it, too. 

The beer pours a fairly clear orange-yellow color that takes on some of its character from the pomegranate juice. The juice gives the beer a slight tartness at the front of a sip. The immediate finish is slight bitterness, maybe from a light hopping, and then the aftertaste of pomegranate. The beer has a nice mouthfeel and good carbonation.

The tartness character seems to be accentuated a little as the beer warms up. It leaves a slightly sticky feeling on the very back of the tongue and throat, but the beer is not cloying or overly sweet in any way. The pomegranate gives it a tinge of tartness and, overall, makes this a nicely drinkable beer. Overall this is a nice variation on the fruit/wheat beer combination. Nothing striking, but this would make a great thirst quencher in the summertime and would be a perfectly fine gateway beer for the American Lite Lager crowd.

Update: As I drink more of this beer, and it gets a little warmer, the tartness has given way to hop bitterness. This is more of a fruity American pale ale than a wheat beer, in my opinion. It’s still good, but the hoppier character is unexpected.