I may have solved one of the more expensive dilemmas I’m having with making good espresso at home… the grinder issue. I was on the CoffeGeek forums this morning reading about hand-crank coffee grinders and whether they are good for espresso or not. Sounds like they can be. The primary company taking old hand grinders and cleaning them up also rates them for their appropriateness to be used as espresso grinders or just run-of-the-mill coffee grinders. This company is Orphan Espresso. I just got online and fell absolutely in love with a wall-mounted Dienes hand crank grinder suitable for espresso or even Turkish grind. I paid $111 for it including the Priority Mail shipping. I can’t wait! What’s even better is that Orphan Espresso guarantees, 100%, that the grinder will work well for espresso. That’s a heck of a lot better than the $250 stainless steel monster I was preparing myself to buy, and I not only end up with something cheaper, but something that looks really cool and is “green” too. I can’t wait to write about my impressions of it when I get it! Merry Christmas!