goose-island-mild-winterI went on a shopping spree to Lukas Liquors today thanks in part to a gift card from a friend, and about the only “normal” (read, something that didn’t come in a 750mL bottle and have weird Flemish writing on it) beer I picked up was a six-pack of Goose Island’s Mild Winter.

Goose Island is a Chicago brewery that puts out some nice and consistent beers with a growing selection of special releases and seasonals. I haven’t had a bad Goose Island beer yet.

The Mild Winter is a seasonal rye beer. I couldn’t find out anything about it on Goose Island’s website, but it comes in at about 5.5%ABV and pours a nice deep brownish-red color. There is a fair amount of bitterness in the beginning of the taste, but it is quickly balanced by a slightly sweet malty flavor. The bitterness builds a little throughout the full glass, but even so remains pretty well balanced out. 

There is not much for me to say about the aroma. It smells like beer, is about all I can come up with! 37858891

To me, the aftertaste has a distinct raisin note to it, but I wonder if this isn’t from the rye. I haven’t had a lot of rye beers, so I’m not sure if this raisiny character comes from the rye or is just one of the flavors in the beer itself, but I enjoy it a lot. 

This is a great drinker that is nicely balanced and would probably go well with meats and stews. Another homerun from Goose Island!