deadcanaryOh, happy news… another brewer is gearing up in Kansas City and it sounds like they are going to have a taproom, too, with plenty of fun-filled activities for all of us good little boys and girls! 

You can see their logo on the left, and, if that is a judge of anything, I think we can expect some interesting things out of these gals.

Yep, you read it right. According to Dead Canary’s blog, the operation is female-owned and operated. In her first blogpost, Ms. Canary, in fact, says, “Slap your existing megabrewery in the nutsack and try a Dead Canary already!” Great!

The taproom and brewery are expected to open in the West Bottoms off the 12th St. bridge. They are planning on being “green” with talks of solar panels in the works. Some of the beers possible that are listed on the blog sound interesting, to say the least:

  • Cat House Stout: dry-hopped mint chocolate imperial stout
  • Local No. 12: lemongrass maple strong ale
  • Speakeasy IPA: an IPA with honeysuckle and grapefruit
  • Bathtub Barleywine: a “copiously hopped” barleywine
  • A chickory rhubarb imperial porter

You can read about how the name Dead Canary came about on their blog, but it sounds like the taproom is almost finished, although I don’t know when they’ll be open for business. I will certainly let you know when I do!