We may be far from spring, but January signals the release of Boulevard Brewing Company’s annual spring seasonal, Irish Ale. Irish Ale is a traditional Irish red style made from six kinds of malt and fairly mild hops. The result is a red ale with only 28 IBU’s and 5.8% ABV.

I find Irish Ale to sometimes be a little thin on the mouthfeel, but nice and malty without being cloyingly sweet. There is a little hop bitterness mid-taste, but this is really a malt bomb without being overly sweet. What this means to you is that Irish Ale is a great drinker. Not too carbonated, not too sweet, not too bitter…. it goes down REALLY easy, and at 5.8% it’s hardly a session beer, but you’ll want to drink it like it is!

Irish Ale pairs well with foods and is, in my opinion, Boulevard’s easiest beer to drink. I guarantee this is the fuel of many happy-go-lucky parade-goers come St. Paddy’s Day in Kansas City! KC has a huge Irish community and this is, no doubt, Boulevard’s way of saying “thanks, this buzz is on us!”