I’ve learned some things from my PeDe grinder over the past month or so of our friendship. First, the freshness of the beans has a lot to do with how fine I need to set the grinder. Airtight container for storing the beans is cuts down on most of the day-to-day grinder fiddling, but I went from Whole Foods Bel Canto beans that were about a week old to fresh roasted ones and I had to loosen the burrs almost a full turn before the grind would stop choking my Gaggia.

I also decided to try Sierra roast instead of Bel Canto, and even with fresh beans I’ve had to tighten the burr back up substantially, lest I want a cup of espresso in about 10 seconds (way too fast). I’m guessing the Sierra is a darker roast, hence a drier bean, hence requires a finer grind.