blue-margarita_Ah, the allure of the blue cocktail. In the words of my lovely girlfriend, “If it’s blue, I’ll drink it.” I made blue margaritas last night and a friend’s birthday party. Before that, the last time I made them was last year, and I drank way too many of them and paid the price for about two days. Last night I drank 1.5-2 regular sized “bluegaritas” and I had a mild headache by the time I got home (and it was an early night to boot). Why is the blue margarita so dangerous?

I’m guessing the problem with my bluegarita recipe is the fact that I am using fairly cheap booze in them. Lower quality alcohol tends to have more compounds in them called “congeners.” These compounds are toxic and they are largely responsible for the effects of hangovers. The general rule of thumb is that the darker the liquor the more congeners there will be in the bottle, and within the same type of booze, the cheaper it is the more congeners there will be to find.

Brandy contains the most, and is the worst hangover according to my research. Good quality vodka will have the least, and therefore, give you the cleanest buzz.

The problem with margaritas, though, is that a lot of alcohol in them is, by their very nature, very inexpensive. So, making a top shelf margarita with expensive tequila helps, but the other components are still pretty much low quality no matter how you cut it. 

So, as pretty as my bluegarita is, the fact remains that triple sec is cheap booze, as is blue curaçao. You can barely buy a decent quality of either component. I wonder if I’m not fairly sensitive to the cogeners in this drink, though, too. I mean, two cocktails and I’m working on a brain-buster? That’s just inexcusable! lol The bluegarita is a beautiful drink, though, and it gets lots of “oohs” and “ahh’s” at parties, especially from the fairer sex, so if you can improve the recipe with the best quality liquors you can find, then this should be a great addition to your repertoire. 


2 parts tequila (white/clear/blanco)

1 part triple sec

1 part blue curaçao

1 part fresh lime juice (go to any store and buy a lime press. They’re about $5 and the best invention you’ve ever seen)

Add the 3 liquors and lime juice to a shaker full of ice. Shake until the shaker is so cold that it’s getting tough to hold onto. Salt the rim of a margarita glass and add a few ice cubes. Strain into the glass and voilá! A fancy garnish like a twist of orange peel would probably look awesome, too. This is good for two average size Bluegaritas when you’re using the right amount of ice in the glass. Enjoy!