Just a little pre-V-Day report. Valentine’s Day is going to be pretty low key and easy this year thanks to a friend who is coming in from out of town. We’re actually going to the roller derby, which is always fun! lol I generally boycott V-Day, but that goes over like a lead balloon with the fairer sex, so I do my part and quietly dissent. 

Thanks to Sierra Nevada, I will have a gift for myself this year: Torpedo! I can’t wait to try this beer, particularly since it will be nice and fresh. Hopefully Gomer’s in midtown still has some. Then it’s off to Christopher Elbow for some chocolate. Elbow is being sold all over the place these days, but the original store is in the Crossroads District. For those who haven’t been there, it’s worth going and dropping a few bucks. They really are good, and while I don’t normally eat $2/piece chocolate, it’s super nice on occasions. They do a nice job wrapping the chocolates in a little gift bag, and it takes all the guesswork out of it. The only “problem” is deciding what to put in the box! 

They have a few new ones I haven’t tried, but based on previous experience it looks like the following are going to go to the girlfriend: Venezuelan Spice Caramel, Strawberry-Balsamic Caramel, Jamaican Rum, maybe a Citrus Caramel, Bananas Foster, Russian Tea, Fleur de Sel Caramel, Fresh Lime and for myself a Rosemary Caramel, Coffee Caramel and a turtle for the road!

Again, if you’re wondering what to do for your SO and you know she/he likes chocolate, you cannot go wrong with Elbow. Drop $16 on a box of 8 and don’t be afraid to try some of the more adventurous sounding ones. The Venezuelan Spice is a perfect mix of a little cayenne and chocolate, the way cocoa was meant to be eaten, so you have to try one of those. Yum!