Just stopped in at Gomer’s in Midtown to see what I could spend some money on. I grabbed the last 6-pack of Single Wide (everyone is saying it’s different from the kegged version, and better… I like the kegged version a lot so I’m excited and I hope that “better” doesn’t mean less hoppy). I also picked up an on-sale 6’er of Shiner’s Commemorator. I think Shiner makes decent beers, nothing special, but nothing terrible, either. I liked another one of their special releases I can’t remember right off hand, so this seemed like a wise choice. Commemorator is to commemorate their 100th anniversary of brewing. It’s a “strong beer” or starkbier which is a traditional Bavarian style “liquid bread” to sustain monks through the Lenten season of fasting. Comes in @ 6.8% ABV and only 17 IBUs. I was thinking with a name like that it would possibly be a doppelbock, something I am pretty ignorant about. Anyway, look for more reviews soon! I’ve been slacking on my beer drinking!

Oh, and a note on the Bigfoot review… if you decide to cellar it, keep in mind that the hoppiness will mellow and dissipate with time, so in about 2 years there will be very little hops flavor or aroma left in the beer. Could still make for an interesting experiment, particularly since hops is not a normal characteristic of barleywines, but if you like it like I do because it’s so hoppy, you shouldn’t lay it down for too long.