Alright, so this is the 3rd and (hopefully) last time I am writing about Single Wide IPA. I’ve had it bottled once and on tap twice. I enjoy it. I like it on tap and everyone has been saying it’s better in the bottle (here’s a novel concept… how would it taste in a can???). I couldn’t tell much of a difference. If anything, it may have lost a little body/mouthfeel in the bottle for me, but I could just be imagining it. I still think this beer starts like Pale Ale and after about 5 sips builds into an IPA.

On the hops front, it definitely leans toward the piny, resiny side of the flavor profile and not so much the citrus/grapefruit end of things. In the beginning of the aftertaste if I expand my imagination a little I definitely get some hints of flavors that I wouldn’t be surprised to find in gin.

As far as the Boulevard lineup goes, this will pretty much knock Pale Ale out of the rotation. I like Pale Ale, but I like hops, so given a choice between Single Wide and Pale Ale, I’m going to go with Single Wide unless I’m trying to do something to pair it up with food. As an added bonus, none of my friends like bitter flavors, so I don’t have to worry about anyone mooching my IPA’s!

Now, if we could only get Boulevard to lead the midwestern breweries in a canning revolution we’d be in business.