I was out at Old Chicago for trivia last night and had a couple Hazed & Infused(s). I almost bought a 6-pack on my last beer run, but I definitely will next time. Really good, nicely balanced beer. I was a little dehydrated from my workout a couple hours earlier, so they went down WAY too quick, but I think it’s a pretty low alcohol beer because I didn’t even have a buzz. I’ll do a proper review once I’ve had a couple bottles.

Had another Schlitz, this time fully cooled to fridge temp and right out of the bottle instead of in a glass. The beer was better this way, but it’s still not anything special and certainly not for $6/6. If I was at a party that had this, I would reach for it WAY ahead of BudMillerCoors, and maybe even ahead of Old Style.

I drank a second bottle of Paulaner Salvator. I don’t think doppelbocks are my style of beer. About halfway through the bottle I was having trouble getting the motivation to finish it, although I did. It’s just so sweet and malty that I have a tough time with it. I’m not a hophead, but I do like bitter flavors and the aromatics of hops, so when it comes to beer sugar bombs give me some trouble. It’s not that Salvator is a bad beer, it just isn’t for my palate. Given a choice between a doppelbock like Salvator and pretty much anything else I’d go for anything else.

I emailed Gomer’s to ask them to look into carrying Oskar Blues, particularly the Ten Fidy and Dale’s Pale Ale. I’ve heard good things about these beers and they’re ALL canned, so maybe this will bring some more choices for craft beers in cans for those of us who don’t want to rely totally on Fat Tire cans. Although, I will say I still love the idea of Fat Tire in a can, and the novelty hasn’t worn out one bit!