Went to my first Royals game of the season, against the Tigers, and as is true of the 5-6 Royals games I have been to in the past 2 years of living here, we got our asses kicked, 9-1. The game was sold out, and the crowd was huge. K Stadium looks great and I saw the new Jumbotron or whatever that thing is called last year, but it is awesome, too. From 1/2 mile away it still looks better than the picture on your TV in your living room! So cool! We started tailgating around 3:30 and there were ominous clouds the entire time, as well as lightning during the game, but we never got more than a few drops. Very lucky, and it was great weather for a baseball game.

Tailgating was fun, but because of the huge crowd we had to park WAY over by the Chief’s stadium. It was a long walk and for some reason there were about 3 Port-A-Potties available. The average wait in line was about 30 minutes to pee. Needless to say, the parking lot was a pretty popular place to relieve oneself. Amazingly, the restrooms inside the stadium seem to have gotten smaller, with less capacity, too.

I refuse to pay $8 for a Bud Light or Miller Light, so I do all my drinking from the parking lot. I drank the following:

  • Modelo Especial (canned) – just wanted to try it out. Nothing special, despite the name, but better than Bud/Miller/Coors/Natty Light/etc.
  • Schlafly Pilsner – I love this beer. Really great, especially out of the bottle. This is probably what I would buy for a crowd if I was planning a party and wanted to have good beer there. Fantastic stuff.
  • Boulevard Single Wide – good, solid IPA.
  • Barron’s ESB – this is an Aussie ESB that I picked up on sale @ Gomer’s and reviewed previously. Not bad. I drank this while waiting in the line to pee for 20 minutes, so I was preoccupied. It was maybe a little heavy for a day at the parking lot.
  • New Holland Brewing Company Full Circle – Just picked this up at Royal Liquor in MO last week. I had this several years ago on tap @ the NHBC brewpub in Holland, MI when I lived five minutes away from this wonderful brewery. It seemed to lack the typical fruit/grape flavor from kölsch style beers, and when I had it on tap long before it became a bottled mainstay, I remember it being very grapy and fruity. I will have to try it in a glass under normal conditions and see what I think. Interestingly, Full Circle used to be a “single malt beer” that I remember tasting like Bud or Miller Lite. It was better in the bottle than on tap, by a longshot, but then it disappeared for a couple years and the name was reincarnated with a new label and as a kölsch instead of a “single malt beer.” Good idea, fellas!