juju-gingerJuJu Ginger is one of Left Hand Brewing Company’s year-round beers. I’ve often looked at Left Hand’s offerings when at the liquor store, but I think price has always kept me from trying this company’s beers. My girlfriend had one of their milk stouts recently, which I got a sip of, so I decided to pick up a stray JuJu Ginger on my last hunting expedition at Lukas Liquors.

According to Left Hand’s website, JuJu Ginger is a “light-bodied” beer weighing in at 4.2% ABV, only 20 IBU’s and is made from several malts and hops.

The beer pours a hazy orange-yellow color, much like you would expect from a Belgian witbier. The aroma of ginger is definitely perceptible, but not overpowering, which I liked. Not a whole lot else came through on the aroma, actually. The ginger comes through subtly on the flavor, but again, it’s not overpowering at all.

The mouthfeel on this beer is very light, and the carbonation is also pretty light, making it pretty smooth and an easy drinker. In addition to the ginger in the flavor, there is almost no hoppiness or bitterness, and the finish is slightly sweet from the malt. JuJu Ginger is very light, as the website states, and I would have to agree that it’s “the perfect thirst-quencher to a wicked hot day.” The light body, flavor, aroma and mouthfeel of this beer make it a bit of a chugger, but thankfully the relatively low alcohol puts it safely into “session beer” territory, meaning you could put a few away while mowing the lawn and not get hammered. Pairing JuJu Ginger with food would be a challenge because it is so light. Natural pairs would be lighter Asian food, particularly anything with ginger as a predominant flavor. I like this beer for what it is… a summertime session beer. If I was hoping for something complex and challenging, I would be sorely disappointed.