We headed out for a friend’s birthday this past weekend and went to McCoy’s in Westport. I like McCoy’s food and their beer is generally pretty good. Not very adventurous, but good, which I’d prefer to have over adventurous and not-so-great! Actually, Friday was SO beautiful (and since I was already off work), my girlfriend and another friend and I started with tapas and sangria at La Bodega, then moved over to McCoy’s around 6:00 with the intent of finding an outside table for 8. Needless to say on a perfect Friday night in Westport, THAT didn’t happen.

We had good food (I didn’t eat because I had enough at La Bodega) and I had their brown ale, which was good, as well as the Imperial IPA. It was nice and hoppy, but with a lot of malt, too. Actually IIPA’s are not my favorite style because I think they end up less hoppy than most regular IPA’s, since you have to pump so much malt in them. In any case, it’s a 9%ABV beer and the guy brought me a full pint of it for $5, which seemed like a good deal! lol About the closest thing I’ve had lately to compare it to would be a fresh 2009 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot, which is a barleywine, but when fresh has a lot of hops and is a lot like an IIPA, in my opinion. With a year of aging, all the hops will be gone from the Bigfoot.

Anyway, we did have to send a stout back. It had the mouthfeel of a glass of tap water. It was black, and the flavors were there, but it was like drinking a black glass of water. The waiter tried to say that it was because it’s on nitro, but that wasn’t it. It was probably the end of a keg. We didn’t get another, instead that friend switched to the brown ale. I’ve had the stout before and it’s usually like Guinness, so there was definitely something wrong with that one.