2304639763_d363fcfdceI am volunteering as a bartender at Jazzoo again this year and, like last year, we had our pre-event meeting/training at Boulevard, one of the big sponsors of the zoo’s fundraiser. The event is tons of fun, but HARD work. I’ll be putting in about 12 hours. Last year I could barely walk out of there from exhaustion, but during my one break I had some fantastic food from some of the city’s best restaurants.

I was really looking forward to the meeting because Boulevard’s room is so cool, and you never know what is going to be on tap. We were up on the 3rd floor this time, with a huge patio that overlooks the city. I wonder what the charge for receptions and corporate gigs there?!

Anyway, the beers were nothing to write home about this time. The standard offerings, plus the current Maibock seasonal and Tank 7, which hasn’t hit bars yet. I swear I had something called Tank 7 at the KC Beerfest, which raises money for the Kansas City Free Health Clinic, but I thought it was a dark beer, not a Belgian golden ale. In any case, I’ll be doing that event again this year and I’m already looking forward to that one, too! I was hoping the new double wit would be on tap, but it wasn’t. Luckily I bought a bottle @ Lukas the other day that I can try.

Getting back to Tank 7, my girlfriend saw me huffing the aroma and said, “What’s it smell like?” I replied, “It smells like Belgium!” She had a whiff and said, “It smells like dirty streets!” Exactly, LOL!


The golden ale has that typical Belgian “funk” (which doesn’t smell funky or farmhous-y to me, personally), but with some extra bit in the aroma. I felt like I was getting a fair amount of hops from this beer, something I’ve not experienced with most Belgian styles I’ve had. I liked it a lot. Nice and complex, and it packs quite a kick as I had a pretty good buzz after about 4 glasses (sample glasses, mind you). Unfortunately, my mind was on the Jazzoo meeting, not on tasting notes, so I can’t say a whole lot about it other than I like it and it tasted great to me.

The only thing that was disturbing is that after my second Tank 7 I switched to Maibock, as I haven’t had that beer in a while and wanted to give it a try. Something in the Tank 7 does not react well on the palate with something in the Maibock. All I could taste was pee! No joke. Imagine the strong scent of pee, minus the ammonia, and you have exactly what I tasted for my whole glass of Maibock. Everyone around me was drinking it so I know there wasn’t anything wrong with it. I choked it down, cleansed my palate with a Stormcloud (a “black & tan” made with Wheat and Stout) and downed a couple more Tank 7’s. It was really weird, but it gave me new appreciation for “cat pee” flavors people sometimes describe in beers! lol