jazzoo_logoI volunteered as a bartender for the 100th Anniversary of Jazzoo again this year. The weather was a lot friendlier this year than last year, and the crowds were thinner, but we still worked our tails off giving drinks to the rich and rich-ish who attend the event, which is always a blast.

Compared with last year, there were fewer restaurants and some of the highlight restaurants (for me) from last year, like Blue Moose, had very little, if anything, to sample. That was a huge disappointment and I’m curious why a lot of restaurants only had a drink to serve or, seemingly, nothing at all, when they went all out last year.

I got to see a man lift his wife/girlfriend’s (they were an older couple) skirt up around her waist so he could apply a temporary tattoo to her ass, and at the end of the night a super drunk patron had his arm inside the petting zoo cage and was petting a small baby deer while yelling “Look at me pet this %^&$ wild llama! Oh my God, a WILD LLAMA!!!” over and over again. He seemed really excited that he was petting a “wild llama” so I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was just a deer, not that he would’ve understood at that point anyway! lol

All in all another successful Jazzoo event. The only real problem was that Jazzoo had some great music this year and they did a relatively poor job of advertising that fact, especially using free media like Facebook to get the word out. Someone at Jazzoo dropped the ball, bigtime, on that one. Hopefully next year sees a better economy and more people supporting great causes like Jazzoo and coming to the event.

On a drink note, we went through gallons of vodka and cranberry. That’s about all people drank at our bar, along with an occasional vodka tonic, gin and tonic and vodka and soda. I went through about 1/2 a bottle of Dewar’s, one bottle of Jim Beam, 1.5 bottles of Sapphire gin and a ton of vodka.