MoosedrlogoMoose Drool is a popular brown ale made by Big Sky Brewing, a Montana-based brewery whose IPA I’ve reviewed in the past. Kansas City has relatively recently had access to some of the Big Sky beers, but I was out in Montana back in 2000 and the souvenir I brought back for myself was a Moose Drool pint glass I still own after many moves!

Moose Drool has a gross name, but the beer is far from disgusting! It pours clear and quite a dark color of brown with lots of crimson highlights when held up to a window. The big, foamy head is a nice caramel color.

Aroma is roasty and malty, but not sweet. Not much to say for hops on the aroma, and they’re pretty light in the flavor, too, but do provide enough balance for the malt to cut the sweetness back and give this beer a fairly dry finish.

Moose Drool comes in at about 5.2%ABV and has a relatively light mouthfeel, bordering on watery, but not quite enough to count off points for it. It is an easy drinker, especially on a 94° June day in humid Kansas City! There is a good amount of roast and some bitterness from the darker malts, enough hops to give a little bite and balance, but really this is a nice, neutral beer. Brown ales tend to really shine with food, so this would pair up nicely with a lot of cheeses and pretty much anything off the grill like sausages, steaks, pork or chicken. I haven’t had tons of brown ales to develop a strong sense of the style, but I think this is an even easier beer to drink than the Goose Island Nut Brown Ale (which somehow I never reviewed!) I like so much. So far Big Sky has me loving their two beers I’ve tried, but I really need to drink through some of my portfolio before I buy anything else!