bfos1Anyone who has been reading this blog knows that I am a fan (use the search bar for “anderson valley” to see other reviews) of Anderson Valley Brewing Company. I started trying their beers as soon as the local shops started carrying them earlier this year or late last year and they are worthy of the praise heaped upon them. This California brewery has also just announced (see story below) they will begin canning their beers, which is also exciting for us can junkies!

I’ve had a bottle of Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout in my fridge for several months now and I decided that using the 22 oz. bomber to nurse a wicked sunburn from two days ago was just what the doctor ordered!

The beer pours completely opaque black with no highlights and a fluffy, dark tan head. The aromas are dominated by dark roasty malts and something similar to a dark chocolate, although there is no chocolate in this beer.

Oatmeal stouts are stouts that use oatmeal as part of the grain bill. I’m not sure I ever really taste the oatmeal, but oatmeal in a beer gives a nice, slick, silky texture to a beer that really comes through in the body and it’s one of my favorite styles of beer.

AVBC’s stout is 5.7%ABV. A little alcohol comes through in the flavor, to me, and there is some bitterness about 1/2 way through a sip, but the finish is slightly sweet and dark roast as well as molasses or burnt sugar dominates the flavor.

This is a nice, smooth stout. I enjoyed it more as it warmed up. AVBC’s website recommended a drinking temperature of around 45°, but that seems way too cold to me. I started drinking it at the recommended temperature and found it way too cold, so once it was within 10° of room temperature I was happy. This is a good stout and the oatmeal really made it easy to drink and helped keep the carbonation from being prickly. Another winner from AVBC! Soon I’m going to ask them for a sponsorship! lol