Happy Independence Day to all of my American readers. The 4th of July is also always a good reminder to me to thank all the people serving and who have served in the past in our Armed Forces. Thank you for your service to our wonderful country!

Every year my friend has a big bash on this day… too much food, too much to drink and too many explosives, but it’s fun! This is a good opportunity for me to thin the old bottle supply, too. I have some Miller Lite and Bud Light friends left in my cooler on our last tailgate that I’d like to be rid of. Also taking some Avery 14’er ESB, Barron’s ESB, Boulevard Pilsner (still working through my test bottles… I had a lot more of this than I knew!), Boulevard Single Wide, Moose Drool, Big Sky Brewing IPA, Anderson Valley IPA, New Holland Brewing Full Circle, Schlafly Pilsner, Torpedo and anything else that isn’t in a bomber or 750mL bottle and didn’t cost over $4/bottle! lol