I returned to the gym today after a couple weeks off and all I could think of on my drive home was celebrating my workout with a nice IPA! lol I cracked open a Schlafly Special Export IPA, which I reviewed a while back, and was really struck by how atypical it is compared with the other IPA’s I’ve enjoyed this summer. This beer is a spring seasonal, so it may be getting a little long in the tooth by now, but I was struck by how little hops I picked up on the aroma with this bottle, and my first gulp was all malt and even raisins! Very un-IPA like! I mentioned that the Special Export is definitely an English-style IPA, but wow.

This is not to say that this is a bad beer, by any stretch, but if you’re trying to get a handle on the range of this style, I would put this beer on one end of the spectrum and something like Caldera IPA or a Stone Ruination on the other side and see the huge difference in what IPA’s can offer. I might keep a couple of these for a while (another 6 months or so) and try them then to see if there is much in the way of hops lingering in the beer.

Oddly enough, though, that “cat pee” aroma is still present! lol A great Schlafly beer, but it warranted mentioning how different this beer is from your typical grapefruit bomb!