I was at the Johnson County Fair last night and happened upon a stand selling Grandpa’s Own Special Formula root beer, diet root beer and cream soda. I bought two 12-oz. bottles each of root beer and cream soda for about $3.50 each. If you bring your bottles back for refills, the cost is $1.50/bottle. The bottles are just brown beer bottles with a home-applied label, so I suppose if you are cheap you could bring some of your own bottles and just say the labels came off! This product is make in St. Joseph, MO.

The bottles are corked, although the corks didn’t fit all that great, so I lost one and the other three almost popped out as the liquid warmed up. None of the products are carbonated, and the guy selling it said it would last a good 2-3 weeks in the fridge with no problems. They also offered three larger sizes of bottles with Grolsh-style caps.

The cream soda looks like cream soda, pouring a sort of light tea color into a glass of ice. The cream soda is definitely made with real sugar, and it’s sweet, but has a nice light flavor of vanilla. The absence of carbonation makes the drink less refreshing than it could be, which is really my only gripe. I’ll take my bottles back next year for refills!