Just made a run to Lukas Liquors in Overland Park and spotted some good (hopefully) canned beers. I am on a budget, so I bought two of the three and will review them just as soon as they get cold!

I paid $7.49 for a six pack of High Noon Saloon’s (Leavenworth, KS) Annie’s Amber Ale and $7.99 for a six pack of Ska Brewing Company’s (Durango, CO) True Blonde Ale. Ska Brewing’s canning line was purchased from Oskar Blues, incidentally. I passed on Ska’s ESB in a can, but will make a point of buying it next time. I’m a little tired of malty beers right now. Blonde’s and ambers aren’t the most exciting beers in the world, but readers know I’m a sucker for trying anything in a can!

Also, I’m catching up on the 2nd season of Mad Men and, as such, have been interested in the Old Fashioned cocktail. I bought some rye whiskey (will get Templeton Rye next time I’m in Iowa) and finally found Angostura bitters… they’ve been in the party store section of Lukas all along! Duh. Now all I need is some sugar to make simple syrup and an orange and I’m in business.