LOL! I never thought I would use one of those stupid “lolcatz” sayings, but, professional writer’s take note, see how easily and smoothly I was able to make a double entendre out of the word “can?” I don’t get paid the big bucks fer nuthin’! I recently reviewed a couple of newly available (in Kansas City) canned beers and wanted to give a quick update. As a reminder, the beers were Ska Brewing Company’s True Blonde Ale and High Noon Saloon’s Annie’s Amber Ale.

The bottom line? Both beers are better out of the can rather than poured into a glass! Maybe this is a figment of my imagination, as I experienced something similar with the Caldera IPA in a can, too. In the glass, all three are decent beers, but drank straight from the can I liked all three better, particularly the True Blonde and Caldera (which I think is missing a full review… how did I overlook that?!)

In any case, Annie’s Amber still has that smoky flavor, but the components I didn’t like, as well as the not-quite-so-lovely aroma were absent straight out of the can. I’m still holding my opinion, however, that if I want to drink an amber ale out of a can I’m reaching for the Fat Tire. True Blonde seemed a little hoppier to me in the can, which is the same thing I noticed with the Caldera, which was basically a grapefruit soda when drunk from the can! The True Blonde went way up in enjoyability for me, so I will be picking these cans up whenever I need lawnmower beer or have some outdoorsy stuff to do. Yum!