large_lagunitas-hop-stoopidHop Stoopid is a beer brewed by Lagunitas, a California brewery that has just recently begun being carried in the Kansas City area. I bought a 22 oz bomber at Lukas Liquors in Overland Park. Lagunitas has absolutely no information about the beer on its website, which is really annoying. BeerAdvocate calls it a double IPA or imperial IPA, but at only 8%ABV (which is well within the range of a normal IPA), it seems like a stretch to call Hop Stoopid an imperial. The label lists it as being 102 IBU’s, which is “crazy bitter” on my personal scale!

I drank the beer from my standard large New Belgium beer snifter, and I put a pretty vigorous pour on it so I could get some carbonation out of the beer right off the bat. It pours a nice cloudy gold color with an off-white head that settles to a really rocky foam after a while. Nice lacing clung to the glass as I drank my sample.

Without knowing anything about the hops or malt used in this beer, I can only go based on my senses. The aroma is definitely all hops, leaning more toward a piney, resiny quality rather than the big grapefruit scent of other West Coast IPA’s. There is a little grapefruit hidden in there, but these hops seem a little earthier to me than, say, the grapefruit soda-like quality of Caldera’s IPA or something from Stone, for example.

This earthiness carries through in the flavor, too, with the resiny, almost spicy hops hitting my tongue initially. I would say the second half of the sip is a little more citrusy, but the finish is almost peppery and really piney and organic.

This is beer is definitely all hops, but it isn’t as in-your-face as I would have expected from the name and the IBU rating, so there must be a fair amount of malt in Hop Stoopid to lend it a little balance. The aftertaste is long and it really sticks around, but the bitterness is really nice for what I was hoping for. A bomber of this might be a little much for one person (palate fatigue is a real possibility with highly hopped beers like this), but the first glass was really enjoyable and a nice sipper.