new-belgium-01I went to Gomer’s in Midtown yesterday to see what was new on the shelves and among a bunch of other new stuff they have several of the New Belgium Lips of Faith series beers. These are limited release beers that come in 22 oz “bombers” and they represent the experimental and playful side of New Belgium’s creative brewhouse.

At Gomer’s, I spotted the Dark Kriek ($12.50/bottle), La Fleur Misseur ($7.50, what I bought), Biere de Mars ($7.50), Transatlantique Kriek ($12.50) and I swear I saw a tart Belgian brown, but I don’t see it listed on their website, so I may have been imagining things!

What I’m beginning to realize is that the world has too damn many good beers and too little time to try them all!