Capital-AutumnalBefore heading to Wisconsin a few weeks ago, I got a good recommendation from the forum folks at BeerAdvocate about some of the Madison-area beers, and several people told me I just had to pick up some Capital Brewery Autumnal Fire, a legendary mid-Wisconsin seasonal. I scored a bottle at Riley’s World of Wines in Madison, WI, and it was definitely worth it!

Autumnal Fire is a doppelbock, which is a style that just hasn’t grown on me, largely because the over-the-top malt profile seems too sweet to my palate, I think. This beer becomes available in September in the brewery’s distribution area, so my bottle was nice and fresh on the first day of October.

I can definitely say this is the best doppelbock I’ve ever had. It was sweet, malty, bready, but there was a little hops somewhere in that flavor, too, to balance it all out and either the hops, the alcohol, or both, dried out the flavor enough that I didn’t feel like I was sipping straight wort!

I can’t say much about the way it looked as I was drinking it in a hotel plastic cup, but the aroma was bready and malty and the mouthfeel was really rich and nice.

This was a real winner and great recommendation from the friendly Wisconsin folks on BeerAdvocate! I hope I get to go around the same time again next year and get some more of this!