After hitting Lukas (like I need any more beer in my house) and Whole Foods yesterday, I ended up with some decent things to eat and drink. We’ll see how they go down. First off, Shatto was there doing a cheese tasting. I’d had their cheddar cheese curds before, and they’re good, but nothing special other than being yummy. Matt (?) Shatto was at the store giving samples of 6 or 7 of their new cheeses and they were all fantastic. I LOVED the Havarti, which we bought two of, as well as one of the goudas, but the choices were tough. Actually, the Havarti was out of this world and the others were “just” great! A little pricy, but that’s life.

I was in a smoked mood for some reason, so I got a block of smoked gouda and one of smoked black pepper white cheddar, too. My GF picked up a few others.

We also picked up a cheap brie to melt in the oven, some stuff like dried sour cherries and candied pecans, etc. All good pairs for cheese, wine and beer, in my opinion.

For beers, I got a single Old Rasputin for a pittance that will go great with chocolate dessert and I think will pair awesome with the sour cherries, as well as any really hard aged cheese that may be around. I’m going to take an Avery IPA, which is a little more English style, a German Marzen (think Oktoberfest) rauchbier (smoked, which could be overkill or could be AWESOME with the smoked cheeses, we’ll find out in a little while) and I’ll take a couple cans of Moose Drool, as browns and food of almost any type, especially cheese, are usually a match made in heaven. Nothing like freaking people out at a WINE party with some CANNED BEER, too! lol