No, unfortunately my morning coffee on Christmas Eve isn’t going to look like the photo (is that amazing, or what?), but it’s still going to be a tasty treat I’m looking forward to mightily. It’s ridiculously dark and depressing outside, I’ve had the week off, and my girlfriend is home sick. I’ll be indoors working around the house all day, so why not start it off right with, as the Italians say, a little bit of “corrected” coffee?

In Italy, un caffé corretto is a shot of espresso with a shot of liquor, typically sambuca, brandy or grappa (I shudder to think). My version is a little less hardcore and a little more coffee to enjoy, but encompasses three of my favorite things: booze, espresso and coffee.

It’s a Shot in the Dark corrected with a mini-bottle of Starbucks creamy coffee liqueur, which to the best that I can tell, is basically like Bailey’s in a different bottle. They were selling these for about 99 cents last time I was at Lukas, so I picked a few up.

My Shot in the Dark is a shot of Broadway Café espresso in a cup of organic Broadway Café French pressed coffee. It takes a while to hand-grind my beans (both sets of them), boil my water, brew the coffee, etc, but what else do I have to do on Christmas Eve morning? Add the bottle of Starbucks liqueur and voilá!