Since I’ve moved to Kansas City I’ve gone out a lot, eaten at a lot of restaurants, etc and gained a fair amount of weight that I don’t particularly like, so I’ve been watching my diet, including cutting out empty calories (all things that would make it on the Liquid Diet!), so my posting has been non-existant as of late. For the next month or two, I’m probably not going to be drinking more than a beer or two a week, so I will try to make them things I haven’t reviewed before to give you something to read, and I apologize, but it has to be done!

Additionally, I have a few of my Wisconsin beer reviews from Fall to post, so that will give you something to look at, although none of those beers are available here, unfortunately.

I picked up some Lagunitas Brown Shugga recently, so that will probably be my next review. Stay tuned!