I have been doing some spring cleaning and didn’t realize how much beer I have! LOL I knew I had a lot, but wasn’t prepared to see it all sitting on the counter to get organized into “these can sit a while” and “drink soon” piles! I had about 7-ish six-packs worth of 12 oz bottles (and not a single macro among them, I am proud to say!) and around 15 or so 750 ml caged & corked bottles! Sheesh! The good news is I have a bunch of really good beer in the house, but the bad news is that I am not buying anything new until I am through with what I really have, which means no Gomer’s/Lukas to see what’s new. 😦 Also on the good side, though, there are plenty of beers in there I haven’t reviewed before or would be worth revisiting in mini-reviews, so I will have enough to write about without having to take a hiatus.

For now, though, I’m taking down my hoppier beers that have been around for a while, which may yield something interesting as hops mellow over time and could change the flavor profile of some of these beers quite a bit, but they’re all things I’ve written about: Single Wide IPA, Irish Ale (just to get rid of it), Avery IPA, Modus Hoperandi in cans, Torpedo… so if anything changes appreciably I’ll have a review, but until then it’s just spring cleaning and I’ll write when I get a chance!