This isn’t an in-depth review of New Belgium’s Ranger IPA as I was drinking it in a big group of people in a social setting, so my attention was more toward my guests than the beer. But, since this is the first new beer I’ve drank in months, it seemed like a good idea to at least give a first impression. I had it on tap at Old Chicago in Overland Park about three weeks ago.

My first impression of Ranger was that it was on the watery side for mouthfeel and also wasn’t as hoppy as I thought it would be. The 7% ABV was well-hidden. The hops seemed more for bittering and were resiny and earthy rather than aromatic, but that could’ve been because my attention wasn’t on the beer. Overall impression was that it wasn’t that great of an IPA, but I will make an effort to revisit it this summer when I have a chance to spend more time with the beer and less with socializing so I can give it a fair shake. Based on my initial tasting, though, there are a lot of other New Belgium beers I would have before Ranger, and certainly a lot more IPA’s I would enjoy before this, but I need to give it a fair shake before I judge too quickly.