No, I haven’t gone crazy and decided to only review a lower tier of beers. I somehow acquired a Leinenkugel Summer Shandy in my cooler from a recent pool party and gave it a go yesterday. It was what you would expect from a shandy/radler (which I posted more about a short time ago)… it’s unoffensive, bubbly and refreshing, blurring the lines between beer and soda.

That said, if this type of “beer cocktail” interests you (and on days where it is in the 90’s and humid as hell, they should!), then I’d encourage you to make your own. By having a little more control over the beer and the lemonade you choose to mix, you can turn a pretty pedestrian pre-mix like the Leinenkugel into something tastier and quite a bit more enjoyable, if not downright gourmet!