Sorry for the low post volume recently, everyone. I am really taking my health a lot more seriously and I’ve cleaned up my diet to perfection (not kidding, I have eaten a model diet for the past 3 weeks, no cheating!) and alcohol doesn’t play into the equation at this point in the game. The good news is I’ve lost about 14 pounds and reduced my BMI by close to 6 points in 3 weeks, so the effort is well worth it and I’m putting new habits in place that I can sustain for a lifetime. It has been hard not reviewing beers, especially now that the weather is cooling off and it’s my favorite time of year to sip, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to indulge here and there over the holiday season, but at this point my health is more important than drinking beer, so posts are going to be few and far between for a while, I’m sorry to say. I’m definitely NOT giving up on the blog, but I do need to set it aside for a while.