Once again (and you’ve heard it before), I’m still here and I’m still going to contribute to this blog, but the posts have been really anemic for a while. A little explanation: I am BUSY!!! The blog is simple fun and it’s not a priority, as much as I hate how that sounds, but it’s the truth. I have been getting killed at work and I have a big event later this year that is taking a lot more time up. Second, I’m on a healthy eating kick. I am doing really well with it and beer just doesn’t play into the equation. Third, I just haven’t had much opportunity to drink beer and if I have it’s been the usual social calls, not really drinking interesting new stuff I haven’t reviewed before. Like last year, I’m still working through a lot of beers I have on hand, so in the rare times I drink one at home, it’s something I’ve written about here already.

So, as in the past, I’m on a bit of a hiatus from the blog, but I will be back and I appreciate your patience! In the meantime, there are no shortages of beer blogs to take up your time, so enjoy them while I’m trying to improve my health and all that!