I was up in Iowa visiting family recently and I mentioned to my brother that I still hadn’t found a bottle of Templeton Rye. He had an extra one a friend had given him in exchange for some Hawkeyes football tickets (Templeton is easier to find in Chicago than in its home state of Iowa, but even then, it’s tough to get your hands on it). He let me have it for $40 (what are brothers for? LOL). I had a small sip but just a nip. I will try to do a side by side with my rye whiskey of choice, Rittenhouse (which is very good for the $22 or so it costs). I think the Templeton will probably be for sipping while the Rittenhouse will continue to be my go-to whiskey for Old Fashioneds.

Speaking of Old Fashioneds, I finally found a place that makes them the RIGHT WAY! Westport Cafe! Still hard to swallow (haha) an $8 drink for something I can make at home for a couple dollars, but at least it was the real deal and not a bunch of orange slices, cherries and club soda (yuck!).