I’ve had this bomber of Weston Brewing Co.’s “Weston Brew Labs #2” (Hot Pepper Ale) in my fridge for close to a year now, so I finally decided to drink it. This is my first chile beer so it should be exciting! The bomber was purchased at Lukas Liquors for $3.99. I think they still stock it if I’m not mistaken.

The beer is of unknown ABV. The brewery lists the original gravity as 1.047, but you need to know final gravity in order to calculate ABV. Each batch is made with 60 pounds of jalapeno and serrano peppers!

The beer pours a clear dark gold color with a thin head that disappears immediately. The aroma is 100% peppers with maybe a little corn in the background. Imagine you just cooked up a big pot of corn with chiles, that’s about what it smells like. Looking at BeerAdvocate, this beer is supposed to be really hot, so we’ll see if I can drink all 22 oz. or not!

WOW! It is HOT! No joke! Flavor is pretty much 100% peppers with sort of a corny/malty macro beer like flavor in the background. One sip had the heat level in my mouth up to about what I would expect after eating a single slice of jalapeno, so this is very hot and I doubt I’ll make it through more than one glass.

The flavor is one-dimensional: hot peppers. I would have liked to see this about 30% as hot as it is, which would probably make it somewhat enjoyable to me. As it is, this is something I’d take a couple sips of to say, “OK, I’ve had a chile beer…” and then probably never drink it again.