At the risk of sounding curmudgeonly, I’m going on record to say I dislike the trend of super limited release beers and the people who go nuts to collect them or stockpile/resell them. I was reading the KC Beer Blog about Founder’s CBS release and it required being on a list, going out of town to buy it, etc. People are mad because others were buying full cases (for example, it seems the entire city of Columbia only got three cases of the beer to begin with) and it sells out in a matter of minutes most places. It’s ridiculous. Between these releases and bars tapping stuff to a waiting crowd of throngs of beer geeks who will drain the keg in a matter of minutes, I really wonder what sort of “life” a lot of our KC beer geeks really have? Does anyone work, have families or non-alcohol related hobbies anymore? It would be more than a full-time job to stay up on all this crap and yet here they all are. I am making a stand. Who is with me? If I stumble across something special like this, I’ll pick it up, but there are thousands of great beers that are offered all the time… life is too short to make beer the focus of the whole thing.