The second beer I enjoyed on my April trip to Eureka, California was from hometown brewer, Lost Coast Brewery. A fruit beer sounded right up my alley that weekend, and I didn’t recall seeing this particular beer in stores here in KC, although they may sell it here and I’ve just never noticed.

Lost Coast’s website is pretty limited on the info it has on Raspberry Brown, stating only that it clocks in an 5%ABV. I bought a 22 oz. bomber at Eureka Natural Foods and I think it priced in under $4, but I didn’t keep notes on that.

The few ounces I poured into my awesome hotel glass tumbler came out a dark tea/brown with amber highlights and very little head (although I may have poured it a little too carefully to develop a good foam). The aroma was all raspberry, like a raspberry soda, with maybe a tiny undercurrent of hops way off in the background. It smelled sweet and yummy.

My first sip was pure raspberry. Subsequent sips yielded a more complex malt/raspberry interplay, but even the aftertaste was like I’d just eaten a bowl of raspberries. I thought the raspberry flavor seemed a little synthetic on the first couple sips, but as the beer rounded out this effect wore off. Although the beer was malt forward and definitely raspberry heavy it had nice balance and was very drinkable. Hops were there almost exclusively for balance and this was a great vehicle for the main attraction. This would be great with chicken, fish or a salad with raspberry dressing. I enjoyed this beer a lot, very drinkable!