I’ve been drinking a lot of beer recently, but falling WAY behind on blogging my reviews, so let’s rectify that! I am in Phoenix, AZ this weekend and my recon at Beeradvocate pointed me toward AJ’s Fine Foods. Imagine a small, more expensive version of Whole Foods and you’re in the right department.

The beer selection at AJ’s Glendale store was fairly small, but well priced and each bottle was clearly marked. I got a mixed 6-pack including one bomber for $14, so not bad.

The first beer I drank was the local Prescott Brewing Co.’s Liquid Amber Ale, their best seller. Nothing too exciting, but a good beer. That nebulous amber “style” is always a wildcard!

I poured the beer from a 12oz can into a plastic hotel cup and the head was close to nonexistant, but that may be because of my glassware. The can was a little “soft” and the carbonation. Was fairly low, so maybe it’s just a small-headed beer… Color is amber and a little cloudy.

Aroma is all bread and bread crust. Pretty inviting.

The beer is definitely malty and bready with a little caramel. The hops are hard to detect, but they are there and do lend good balance as this malt-forward beer is never cloying.

A nice, balanced drinker, I think this would be a good hot weather beer and awesome for grilling out. A definite winner in the simple, balanced beer category!