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Yesterday’s attempt at cafecito (Cuban coffee… essentially very sweet espresso or strong coffee) using old hazelnut beans and the stovetop Moka pot didn’t go that great. The hazelnut really threw the whole thing off.

I bought some fresh espresso beans (roasted on May 10), from Broadway Café in Westport (Kansas City) and the results were a lot better. I think I need to use even more sugar to make my paste (if I was a REAL scientist I would be measuring all this out, but come on!). Tomorrow I’ll warm up the Gaggia espresso machine and see what the cafecito sugar-paste technique and espresso taste like together…


Kansas City got a taste of early spring yesterday… it hit close to 65° on the last day of January! Of course, this time of year that sort of warm up comes with a hefty price, this time in the form of crazy winds. Still, it was a nice day to be out and about, and we headed to McCoy’s in Westport for lunch and a beer before heading to the Liberty Memorial for some photos of the city from the platform. What a great place, although we almost got knocked off our feet by the wind!

Anyway, McCoy’s has consistently great food, in my opinion, and yesterday didn’t disappoint. I saw someone eating the chicken fingers, so I had to have them, and I was very surprised at how light and delicate they were. For a basket full of fried stuff, I didn’t feel like a greaseball after eating them, and I think they were done just right. I had their Czech Pils to wash it down and the light pilsener was a great choice for the food and the day itself. The slight sweetness of the fried chicken brought out a little bitterness in the pilsener, and the carbonation was perfect for keeping the grease, what little there was, from collecting on my tongue.

If anything positive (and very little can) can be said about the Power and Light District, it’s that Wesport always has open tables and great food for those of us who prefer to support local business! Some recent Kansas City bloggers had less-than-positive stuff to say about a couple of McCoy’s beers recently, but I think they got bad batches or the end of the keg/firkin/whatever, as neither of the offenders are still on tap. I’ve never had bad beer or bad food, and the atmosphere is always great, especially if you can grab a table and watch the hipsters stroll by!